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Main Idea

To compose printable map sheets from map tiles online


I will be glad to any bug reports, suggestions or notes about this project. You can


Change Log

Red rectangle represents sheet of map. You can drag it along the map.

You can change other parameters of rectangle using panel in left-bottom corner:

User tracks can be shown on the map using track upload control at the top of a screen. Upload them using URL or by local file uploading. Note, that tracks woun't be rendered on map sheets! They are just shown on the screen to help sheet positioning.

Press "+" button in the top right corner of the screen to toggle and reorder map layers. Note, that only "Arbalet" and "Slazav" layers will be used for rendering.

When you place your sheet in right place on map and choose required parameters, press "Render Sheet" button. Note, that there is limitation of maximum number of pixels in rendered map (12M pixels). Be patient - rendering can be a long process! Few seconds (or minutes :) later three web links to PNG image, OziExplorer MAP and Google KMZ files will appear below the button.

Sheet rectangle's visibility can be toggled using <Alt+H> shortkey.

PLT and GPX formats are supported (can be zipped)
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